Wellspot Correction

Oilfield Intel offers wellspot correction to correct well locations of current and historic wells using imagery.

Most wells in Texas have a latitude and longitude provided to the RRC.  The oil companies that provide this data have no punitive measures taken against them if they provide inaccurate information. This is both a function of the RRC being fairly toothless in its management of the industry, and failure in the filing process to submit the correct well location AFTER it is drilled.

Consequentially, wells in Texas are off on average by 352 feet. Some are off by over a mile, and some off by a dozen feet, so it varies. This creates a real problem for geologists who have to trust the location of wells because their data consists of core samples, and cross sections of logs based upon the location of the well given.

The wells are corrected using geo-referenced orthographically corrected imagery using a custom GIS application. Each well will be corrected and then graded on the following system:

  1. Not located
  2. Pad Found (All we can see is the Pad, wellspot placed on center)
  3. Pad Found, Well likely spotted  (Obvious pad, Dark spot in middle of pad)
  4. Well Spotted  (Pump Jack seen or Gas Wellhead seen)

Current pricing for wellspot correction depends on volume.

For wells < 100      $20/well

100 – 1,000            $10/well

1,000 – 10,000        $5/well

10,000 +                 call