Oil & Gas Pipeline Location Data

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We maintain a nationwide pipeline file of distribution and gathering lines.  We have dedicated personnel who update this file directly with changes and newly available pipeline locations.

The file is maintained in a geospatially enabled Postgres/PostGIS database. It can be exported as shapefile, or in a number of other Geographic Information Systems.

Included Pipelines (Mileage of lines)
– Crude Oil (900,000+)
– Natural Gas (850,000+)
– Assorted Other Products (585,000+)

Included Facilities & Supporting Data
– Compressor Stations
– Receipt & Delivery Points
– Gas Storage Facilities
– Well locations
– Gas Producing Plants

Free Cultural Data (Included by request at no cost)
– power transmission lines
– oil & gas basin polygons
– oil & gas field polygons
– PLSS & OTLS Abstracts
– Railways
– Roadways
– School Districts
– Waterways
– Urban populated areas

Contiguous land-grid available for purchase, by request.

we will digitize existing pipeline system maps for $70/hr.

Harris County - Pipelines & Cultural data

Harris County – Pipelines & Cultural data


Oilfield Intel Pipeline Sample

Close-up of Harris County data


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