Lease Ownership Data

Our Lease Ownership Data  is the premium database for mineral interest buyers in Texas and Kansas. It is the most complete and up-to-date record of mineral owners across the state, and is sold on a yearly subscription basis.

Fields found in the LOD data


KEY Unique internal Id assigned to each record.
*OWNER ID– Subindex of unique owner id occasionally blank.
OWNER Owner of Oil and Gas property.
ADDRESS1 First line of owner’s mailing address.
ADDRESS2 Second line of owners’ mailing address.
*ADDRESS3 Third line of owner’s mailing address.
*ADDRESS4 Fourth line of owner’s mailing address.
CITY City of owner’s mailing address.
STATE State of owner’s mailing address.
ZIP Zip code of owner’s mailing address. The 4+ zip may be included.
WELL Name of the Lease/Well that the owner holds interest in.
*YEARBEGAN This column is populated by what year the lease began production.
*RRC_ID This is the Rail Road Commission id number assigned to the lease.
OPERATOR The entity that controls and manages well operations. The operator also has the responsibility for adhering to state rules and regulations.
*FIELD The area of production that has at lease one common reservoir. Normally empty.
*ZONE The geological reservoir that the oil or gas is produced from. Normally empty.
*SURVEY This is the default field where you will find most of the legal land description for the lease.
*ABSTRACT This is a land description. It part of the survey information for the location of the well. Often empty.
*BLOCK This is a land description. It part of the survey information for the location of the well. Normally empty.
*SECTION This is a land description. It part of the survey information for the location of the well. Normally empty.
*EXTRA DESCRIPTION Field where miscellaneous land description is placed.
*ACRES Common unit of land measure. The acres listed in the field refer to the total amount of acres in the lease for the record. Often empty.
TYPE The type of ownership of property. RI is for people who own the minerals under the land. WI is for the investors who leased the rights to drill from the RI people. OR is for people who receive payments for technical services rendered to the WI people. ie. Geologists
INTEREST Percent of ownership of the oil well revenues. (Net revenue interest)
VALUE The appraised value of the owner’s interest amount in the oil or gas well.
YEAR Year of the data listed.
COUNTY County the oil or gas well is in.
*APPRASAL ID Random internal id assigned by the county to their leases for identification purposes aside from the standardized ids such as RRC Id.
*SEARCHNX Is for the parcel/geo id.
*BIDAMOUNT This field was left in for compatibility with PHP.
ADD/DATE Date added into the Blackbeard Data Services, LLC system.
LEASE STATE The federal state code for the state listed. I.e. 42=Texas.
*MATCHING_ RRC_GRADE We run an algorithm for matching up RRC lease names with Tax Roll lease name and this grades the accuracy of the match. Generally 75/100 is good. Over 100+ is solid match.
*MATCHING RRC_ID This is the rrc lease number as by our algorithm that matches RRC lease names to tax lease names.
*API_OF_WELLS_IN_LEASE Number assigned by the American Petroleum Institute to each individual well. Can have up to 14 digits. The first two digits of the API number is the state code. The second three numbers are the County Code, followed by the Unique Well Identifier, Directional Sidetrack Code and ending with the Event Sequence Code.