Oilfield Intel Update | End of August

It’s been a busy couple of months, and Oilfield Intel is coming along nicely! Please pardon the lack of updates if you’ve been wondering about us.

Since our last blog update in late May, we got our very own Federal Employee ID number (so we can pay our taxes), bank account, a physical address, and phone number. After 2 months of being stuck in the pre-startup Æther, we’re now proud to say we’re a real-life company.

Besides getting the organization squared away,  we also got our first batch of beta testers, our production search-engine up & running, and added maps, charts and nearby leases to our Lease Detail page.  Our download formats now include ARIES® (Landmark Software), Petra® (IHS®), and PHDWin (TRC Consultants LC) formats, as well as CSV & txt flatfiles that should play nice with other industry software. PDF report generation is running, though it is still very rudimentary. The search tool is also much more usable now, with sortable search results and improved search mechanics. If you want to poke around it yourself, you can register for a trial account here, or sign up as a beta tester.

Over September, we’ll be working on a complete-site UI re-design, as well as adding some more geo-based search features. Area-of-Interest tracking and nearby lease averages will probably be on the list. I’ll be announcing updates as they roll out here, as well as plans for future features & data sets.

The team is also getting excited for Society of Petroleum Engineer’s Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (ATCE) in New Orleans at the end of September. If you’re in the Big Easy for the conference, swing by our booth at the show! We won’t be handing out beads, but we’d be happy to meet you and say hi!

We’re still in need of beta testers, so if you have a need for oil & gas production numbers in Texas and surrounding states, sign up on the form on the right, or give us a call or message from our freshly updated Contact Us page.

Got a particular want from your production data?  Always wished you could do X, Y or Z? Sign up as a beta and ask us for it! We may say no, but we may just build it for ya. We’re young, hungry, and taking all requests.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for more updates.

Bradley T. Smith
Oilfield Intel, LLC