Oilfield Intel Launches

Oilfield Intelligence was founded because we noticed that getting data in the oil & gas industry is difficult. We believe that it shouldn’t have to be.

Oilfield-Intel.com is the newest platform for valuable industry intelligence in the energy production sector.  Like many of our competitors, we offer complete & accurate production, permit, and mineral ownership data for North America. Unlike our competitors, we are firmly dedicated to making this data as simple and easy for our subscribers to use and access.

Oilfield-Intel.com is still under development. We are building the product with the continued guidance of professional oil & gas data consumers to only provide the features and tool sets that will be valuable in a real professional work flow. If you are a professional in the oil & gas industry with a need for any of the data above, we encourage you to sign up as a beta tester below. We’ll give you free access to our data-sets for a little feedback on how we’re providing it to you.

We’re excited to be rolling out the next solution for the oil & gas industry’s data needs, and will be posting updates here as they develop! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


-The Oilfield Intel team