An Update for December!

The past several months have been very busy for us. We migrated a few of our data sources to a new single location to improve some performance issues, established several new data management protocols to streamline various parts of the site, and expanded our inventory and search capacity substantially. We have also begun using a new customer engagement tool,, which will allow our users to directly reach out to us through the site.

We’ve also opened up access to a few more locations for production data, bringing our list to include Alaska, California, Colorado, Louisiana,  Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Ohio’s on the way!

These data are current to 3rd quarter of 2013 and are being made available in search over the next few days.

We’ve also got our National pipeline data-set to a usable place, and will be integrating it into our mapping features over the next few weeks. We’re excited to offer over 450,000 miles of pipeline data currently, and that’ll be growing all the time.


National Pipeline Data Set


On the docket for features is the inclusion of a Decline Curve tool which should be added by end of January, as well as a few odds and ends to be added to our mapping package, including a better view of production with mouse-over windows, surface ownership information for context and ownership reference, as well an Area of Interest tool to alert users to updates to any of our data sources in a particular region.

We’ve received a lot of interest in our Estimated Lease Hold data-set, which should become available by February 2014. If you’ve expressed interest, we haven’t forgot you! As soon as the data is available, we’ll be reaching out to you directly.

We appreciate the feedback from all of our beta-testers on what they’ve liked thus far, and are excited to be working on our next batch of updates. We are always interested to hear from folks as to what features they would like to see, and encourage anyone interested to drop us a line, or sign up for a demo.